A typical workday for a caregiver starts at 6.30 am:

You wake up the children (you will take care of a room of 4 children), bath them, dress them and give them their breakfast.

Around 8.30 you will take them to school. Then you will arrange the room and the bathroom, and prepare their clothes for the following day.

At 9.00 am it’s breakfast time and you are free until 3.00 pm.


At 3.00 pm the children finish their nap. You check their diapers. You give them drinks and snacks and participate to the activities program or simply play with them.

At 5.45 pm it is already dinnertime. After, you change the children and prepare them for bed.

Your work day finishes at 7.00 pm.

This is the schedule of a typical workday, but during school vacations and holidays you might be asked to work on a morning shift or on an afternoon shift.

You also might be asked to help sometimes for lunch time, from 11.45 to 12.45 am.