The long awaited day came on May 27. In the evening we gathered in the garden, we were about 40 people all friends of John. He personally invited many of those who attended. The God-Parents were Lisa and Sam Parigi who had known and were charmed by John from previous visits to our home. Nadia who is the care giver for John also had a place of honor. We were so lucky by Bishop William Shomali who was our celebrant. The congregation was Christian, Jewish and Muslim. The actual baptism was just after the liturgy of the Lord and before the consecration. The mass was in English and Arabic so that most of those present could understand. It was really a great celebration of new life. At the end of the Eucharist Sam asked to say a few words and he said that the all of us were really the God-Parents; we are the ones that will affirm John in his faith as long as he is with us. A reception followed with delicious salads and Arab dishes prepared by our kitchen staff.
From left to right: Sam, Lisa, John Lloyd, Nadia, Bishop Shomali.