As soon as we decide together your coming to Saint Vincent Ain Karem we will send you the detailed information to get to our home from Ben Gurion Airport. It’s very easy to come to our home by sherut (minibus), the ride takes barely an hour; we’ll reimburse you the fare.

The cafeteria is always open. There is a machine for filtered hot and cold water; coffee and tea are freely available.
Breakfast is from 8.30 to 9.30 am
Lunch is from 12.30 am to 1.30 pm
Dinner at 7.00 pm
If you wish, the day before, you can request a picnic on days when you will not be having your lunch at home.

We provide insurance only for work accidents. The insurance does not cover illness or accidents that occur when you are not on duty, and it does not provide for repatriation in case of serious disease or injury.
Therefore, you must have a personal insurance coverage.

There is a Wi-Fi connection for internet; please bring your laptop !

A washing machine is available for your personal laundry (we do not provide the washing powder).
We provide a uniform for the work. We also provide bed linen and blankets, but you must bring your own towels.

There are ATMs in the arrival hall at Ben Gurion Airport where you can get Israeli shekels with your international credit card, but you will get a better exchange rate in town. We recommend that you bring US dollars or Euros along with you. There is also an ATM in Ain Karem.

Religious Activities
Information on masses and religious services of other denominations is posted on the notice board in the cafeteria.
Daily mass (in French) is celebrated in our chapel Monday through Friday at 7.10 pm.
Saint Vincent Ain Karem is first and foremost a children’s home. Children as well as staff represent all the three major Abrahamic religions. While we encourage you to be active in different religious activities in the house, proselytism is not permitted.

It’s forbidden to smoke inside the buildings of Saint Vincent Ain Karem, which includes your personal bedroom.

We recommend you to bring your own cell phone and to buy a SIM card here in Israel and have it recharged for a good price. Cards can be purchased at any post office or kiosk.

Ain Karem is part of the Jerusalem municipality, located 8 km west from the old city. There are buses and a light rail that connects Ain Karem to the center of Jerusalem. According to the traffic the ride is about 30 to 45 min.
We are 20 min away from the central bus station where you can get buses to all parts of Israel.

We will ask for you a specific visa, be aware that the procedure for obtaining the visa takes at least two months, sometimes longer.

We are a semi-public institution and are therefore obliged to insure at all times the security and safety of our children. For this reason visitors are allowed only between 9.00 am and 10.00 pm, and if you are not working. Visitors can be received in the cafeteria or in the volunteer lounge, never in the bedrooms or sleeping areas. We regret that we do not have the facilities for entertaining guests for meals or overnight stay.
Visitors who wish to see the children may have an authorization from the home director or her delegate beforehand; visitors can come between 3.30 and 5.00 pm and are accompanied by a volunteer or a staff member.

Volunteer lounge
There is a volunteer lounge with comfortable furniture, television, DVDs, books, internet (Wi-Fi), games… You are welcome to make use of the lounge as if it were your living room at home. You are only asked to keep it tidy, especially the refrigerator and sink area.

The weather begins to get warm in April and is hot and dry in the summer. Towards October it begins to cool off, and the winter (about Nov-Feb) in Jerusalem can be cold and wet.