We are very grateful to the volunteers who come each year from all over the world to assist us, generously providing the daily care to our kids.

Requirements and Job Description:

You need to have experience in social care settings, to be able to join us for a minimum stay of 6 months (a 3 months stay may be exceptionally considered) and to speak basic English.

Living with and caring for children and young adults with special needs can be very demanding emotionally and mentally. Our kids depend on their environment to supply all their needs. It is important that you are in good physical health (you will need to lift the kid to transfer him/her between bed, wheelchair and bathtub). Not only bathing, dressing and feeding, but also helping each child to develop communication and motor skills is an important part of the caregiver’s work.

When you arrive at Saint Vincent Ain Karem, the case leader will help you to become oriented and to learn how to work with these very special kids. You will at first work with an experienced caregiver, and the case leaders or the nurses are always available to answer your questions and to guide you. You will also have contact with the paramedical staff.

In exchange for your work, Saint Vincent Ain Karem provides you room and board. Pocket money of 750 shekels a month. 2 days off a week (for a 6 months stay) and 9 Christian holidays that fall throughout the year.

We will ask for you a specific visa, be aware that the procedure for obtaining the visa takes at least two months, sometimes longer.